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Lester Ballard and a Ballard decoy
Lester Ballard 1881 - 1956

As long as I can remember, Christmas gifts from Grandpa were carved in wood!

Like most farming families in these northwoods, Winter meant providing for the cookstove by going fishing - and ice fishing in particular!

Well ....... of course sitting in a cozy ice shanty with your favorite Grandpa meant lots of time to hear great fishing stories and learn all the secrets of making the best decoys.

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Grandpa knew all the best places to spud through the ice and jig down his gorgeous decoys.

Many a northern pike, musky or sturgeon came home with Lester Ballard.

My Grandma Anna Ballard knew just how to fix 'em too!

When my brother and I got to spend time with Grandpa and Uncle Mike Ballard ....... well I count those as some of the best times of my life.

You've met Grandpa Ballard now come and meet my Uncle Mike.

Grandma Anna Ballard Lester Ballard fish decoy carver